Welcome to Masterplan University

United in community, powerful in leadership.

A safe space for culture-conscious leaders to grow.

Masterplan University brings together culture-conscious project and people leaders in a virtual learning community where we support each other in mastering 4 leadership disciplines: storytelling, strategic planning, operating rhythms and team building. 

Each level of leadership will require a new level of performance from you. Level up your mindset with personal development content & workshops. Level up your skills in marketing, strategic planning, people leadership, client service, goal-setting and program management. Evolve in a safe space that centers your unique experiences. Learn & grow alongside fellow community members, course facilitators and community-certified experts.

Tell Your Story.

Your story is your greatest competitive advantage. Uncover, record and share the defining moments of your personal story, your leadership story, or the story of your team or business. Define your audience and your message. Use your story to create a future-oriented strategy for each stage of your personal, career and business growth.

Execute Your Strategy.

Map a realistic action plan from here to your destiny. Learn how to set goals that you can actually achieve. Engage other community members or an expert facilitator for accountability check-ins to help you regularly measure your goal progress. Discover digital tools and services that help you track, measure and communicate your strategic imperatives. 

Develop Emerging Leaders.

Chart a path to leadership. Choose professional development, leadership, career skills and personal growth courses - select courses for yourself or assign courses to your team or group members. Communicate about course topics in a private group or join in the discussion with course attendees from other teams.

Build Better Teams.

Create true collaboration with an always-on, available-from-anywhere private online team space. Plan and share your quarterly and monthly objectives and goals in a digital workspace accessible via desktop and app. Get quick feedback and share real-time status updates that reaches everyone on your team on email, desktop and mobile simultaneously. You and your team can stay focused on work - learning, and receiving mission-critical communications in a user-friendly and fun-to-use interface. 

Share Your Experience.

We learn more when we learn from each other. Create and host your own courses and learning groups. Offer your learning content for free or charge a fee for one-time or recurring access. 

At Masterplan University, we believe that :

  • Leadership is not a title. It's a discipline.
  • Leaders exist at every level of an organization and at every stage of life. 
  • Leaders from historically marginalized communities have the greatest potential to change the current and future face of leadership. 
  • Culture-conscious leaders from these groups can shift the norms of what it means to lead behaviors from a white- and male- dominated, capitalist worldview to an indigenous-minded, community-oriented worldview. 
  • To lead others, one must first be a leader of self (aka, sovereign).
  • Community is the antidote to systems of exclusion and oppression. 

You belong here.

We recognize that leaders from historically marginalized communities often don't have access to the leadership training and development opportunities that prepare us for taking on bigger and more impactful roles and projects.  

Which is why we have created a safe space for you to learn, grow and share your challenges and triumphs as you transition through each of the 3 levels of leadership:

Level 1 - The Worker, where your goal is COMPETENCE

Level 2 - The Manager, where your goal is MASTERY

Level 3 - The Owner, where your goal is FULFILLMENT

Why You Should Join

The support you need... in the palm of your hand.

The right relationships, activities and conversations are essential for sustained success in life and career. As a member of Masterplan University, you will tap into the knowledge and experience of your peers to help you learn how to: 

  • Brand yourself, your business or program through storytelling
  • Build career soft skills to increase your employment market value
  • Grow more skilled & confident as a leader of self & others
  • Reliably set & accomplish goals
  • Build business systems & use digital tools to scale, enhance and expand!